Thursday, May 22, 2014

My kids love flashlights.
They will take flashlights into a closet or a bathroom with no windows so that they are sitting in darkness.  Then when the beam of light shines in the darkness they are excited.  On some small level I can understand that feeling.
I remember camping in the summertime as a kid.  We had to bring a flashlight because it gets dark at night in the mountains.  There were no street lamps to shine and dispel the darkness, just the small and steady beam of light from our flashlights.  That light was necessary so that we could see where we were walking and not stumble over a rock or stump in the path.  It helped me stay on the path and not wander off.
God’s word is truly a lamp; a light to see the path in the darkness.  If we do not use it, we are likely to stumble over a rock in the path or wander off.  It is waiting and ready to help guide us on the way.  Just like we need a flashlight to see in the darkness of night, we need God’s word to see in the darkness of the world.

Our eyes were not built to see well in the darkness, we need light to assist us.  Thank you for reminding us again, what our light and lamp is to see the path more clearly.  Plant your word in our hearts so we have light with us at the ready whenever darkness falls.  I pray for your light in this world, through Jesus, the Word, and our Lord.  Amen.