Thursday, May 29, 2014

What can I give to my child that is of real value?
Today my little boy is five years old.  He is no longer so little.  He has learned to run and ride his bike, he knows how to speak well and help around the house.  He has been given many things to learn with and toys to play with.  What more could this sweet boy need?
All of these things he has learned and all that he loves mean nothing without the love of God as well.  Two of the friends he plays with are girls.  One went to the preschool he went to and, through that program, attend chapel and sang songs about the Lord.  The other one has had no training in the Lord at all.  Recently I heard her ask one of the other kids what heaven is.
I give my children knowledge in the Lord; it is the most precious thing I can give.  I try to love as he loved me and as he calls me to love.  I pray that they will learn to love as they are loved by God.  His love is everlasting, Hallelujah!


Thank you for birthdays.  Thank you for celebrations of life and the blessings my children bring me every day.  Help me instill love for you in them.  Guide me in keeping your commandments so they, too, learn to keep them.  I ask these things through Jesus, the one who taught us to love.  Amen.