Friday, May 2, 2014

Kyrie Eleison: Lord have mercy.
Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day in Denver.  We went to the zoo for a field trip and enjoyed the day with sunshine, no wind (it has been very windy!) and just the right amount of warmth.
My kids were excited to see friends and experience the animals together with them.  The excitement seemed to erase any sense of normalcy my children hold in their hearts.
The infractions started off small and insignificant.  I allowed them in the spirit of the day.  The problem started when the normal boundaries we have continued to be stepped over by bigger and bigger leaps.  By the time we left to come home, I had lost my patience.  It took me hours to release the anger and frustration I held in me.  What were my kids thinking?  What had they done with their brains?
This morning I see myself in this story.  My infractions against the Lord start out small and seem insignificant but it is so easy to allow those to grow into boundary breakers without any thought.
I come to the Lord asking forgiveness and seeking renewed hope in my heart.  Kyrie Eleison: Lord have mercy.

Please forgive my anger toward these children you placed in my charge.  Please forgive my sins that I so easily brush under the rug.  Fill me with hope.  Fill me with love and grace that I can share with all your children.  Amen.