Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love going to the beach.
The feel of the soft sand and the sound of the waves meeting the sand are things I treasure.  Part of it may be that I live in a land locked state so I do not experience these things very often.  When storms come to the shore, I am glad I live where I do.
I also love to visit lighthouses on sea shores.  Again, since we have no ocean or sea where I live, we have no lighthouses.  The lighthouses are strong and tall, built to stand against the raging sea and its storms and be a beacon of light and safety to anyone lost in the storm.  I have never seen a lighthouse built on sand, have you?  They are built high and on solid rock, a firm foundation, to stand against time and weather.
I know enough about storms to know this:  I do not want my house, my faith, to wash away in the storms or fall because of shifting sands.  I build my faith on the Rock, growing tall and strong to be a beacon to those who may be lost in the storm.  I am a lighthouse for God.

Thank you for Jesus, my true foundation.  Thank you for the light you have place in my soul.  Help me stand tall and strong on my foundation and shine your light brightly.  I pray for all those lost souls to seek a light and come safely home to you.  Amen.