Monday, May 5, 2014

I have just returned from a weekend retreat.  There were almost forty women gathered in the mountains for a weekend of learning more about our individual spirituality.  It was such a blessed time.
I came home relaxed and filled with new knowledge and insight.  My family was excited to see me and it was good to be home again.  It did not take long for the kids to get back into their routine of picking at each other and by the evening my four year old had already told me I was the “worst ever.” What did I expect?
There is a difference in me.  I received insight and blessing.  I gained perspective and knowledge.  I renewed old friendships and gained new ones.  These are the awesome deeds I see his deliverance in at this moment.  Through these things and many more, he gives me hope.
The world around me is much the same.  Troubles and struggles remain.  God is awesome and he delivers us; he is our salvation.  It is in him, we find hope... there is hope!

My hope is in you.  Your steadfast love and redeeming grace stand waiting for me to receive them.  Pour them out over and into me.  Open my heart and the hearts of all people to receive your blessings in abundance.  Thank you for the gifts of love that touch our everyday lives.  Guide us to share that love in the lives of those around us.  Amen.