Friday, May 23, 2014

I love the late afternoon sun.  It shines into my home and that is a time I can use the bright light to do things that are normally harder to see.
I used to be able to see so much better, and I don’t think I am that old!  It is harder to thread a needle or hand stitch with thread that is the same color as the fabric.  I can still see easily to read but I need my glasses to read music.
Sometimes I get caught up in a good book and I do not realize the light has faded and I am now struggling to see the words clearly.  Once a light is turned on it makes such a difference!
How often does this happen to us in our spiritual journeys as well?  We start off seeing so clearly, our vision is good and the light is strong.  We get caught up in things and are unaware that the light has faded and we are struggling to see clearly.  It is time to get more light into our lives.
Jesus came that we should no longer live in darkness, he is the light.  This morning I pray that darkness would be dispelled in all our hearts and light will remain strong!


Like shadows of the late afternoon, darkness eases in without as much as a whisper.  Thank you for being the light of the world and for our souls.  Search us and banish any darkness within so we shine your light brightly and without blemish.  I ask this for your glory and honor.  Amen.