Friday, May 16, 2014

The people I see that are in need do not often ask for much.  They are just trying to get by.
I hear both sides of the story when there is discussion about the people who stand on the side of the road with signs asking for money.  Some say they are taking advantage of the good will of others and that they are lazy, trying to make an easy buck.  Maybe that is true, maybe not.
When I see folks asking for help I give them non-perishable food.  I hand them easy open cans of soup or cans of fruit and a plastic spoon so they can eat without difficulty.  It is not my place to know their hearts.  I cannot know their motivations.
When I think about these “beggars” I do not think they have chosen the easy way out.  There is something broken in them, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.  If my simple gift to them can bring a moment of grace or love, we have both been blessed.
I have not experienced miraculous healing like Peter and John gave that day but our generosity and willingness to love beyond barriers brings healing too.  Share God’s love today.

I know I will likely see some people in need today.  Open my heart and my eyes to see how I can assist.  Use me as a vessel of your love and grace that can be poured out to others, shared with all.  All glory and honor to you.  Amen.