Saturday, May 17, 2014

If you have read very many of my writings you know I can get into a good lament over things.
There is much to lament over.  I know of relationships in dire straits and relationships that have been broken and seem dead.  I know of illness that does not seem to get better or ever go away.  I know of death and dying, deceit and dishonor.  People around me and among the nations have forgotten who they are and how to love.  They have lost hope.
I look back on my life and at the times I shook my fist at the heavens asking the Lord why something had to be.  I remember the prayers for healing I lifted for years not seeing any outward results.  Healing came and clarity of why things had to be came as well, in God’s time.
It is hard to release all our burdens and hope in the Lord.  When we do, the load is lifted and we are able to see his steadfast love and mercies in a whole new way.
I pray that we all will find it within ourselves to find hope in the Lord, his steadfast love and mercies never end.

You know the burdens of our hearts.  You know the tears we do not cry for fear of not being able to stop.  Speak to our hearts, Lord.  Let us hear your voice, feel your love, and accept your mercy.  Fill us with hope despite our struggles.  Our hope is in you, Lord, only in you.  Amen.