Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A message of hope is good for the soul.
Throughout the time I have been writing, I realize that there are times I am burdened with the brokenness within me and around me.  It is easy for me to wallow in grief and lament to the Lord in those times.
In his unending mercy, he does not leave me there.  Invariably he leads me to passages of hope and promise.  I read words of salvation and renewal.  In the midst of the brokenness there is a song of joy to be sung.
The pains of this world will not likely end today or tomorrow but God’s word promises it will end.  What feels like an eternity to us is merely a breath, a flash in God’s time.  Until the time when he comes and brings unending joy and end of sorrow, wholeness in place of brokenness, this message gives us direction.
He calls us to maintain justice and do what is right.
Today is a new day, the sun rises and the birds sing.  Release your burdens to the Lord and step into the promise of his salvation.  Then, we can rejoice!


Thank you for the promise of wholeness even as we struggle with the brokenness of today.  Thank you for bird song to remind us there is much to sing praises for.  Lift our hearts and our eyes to see you and your love.  Guide us to do right as we wait for the day you come in deliverance.  Amen.