Sunday, May 25, 2014

We have had rain for several days in a row now, it seems it will be a wet spring in Colorado.
Yesterday I was sitting with a neighbor hoping it would not rain on our BBQ.  She said we need the rain and as dry as Colorado usually is, that could be true.  The soil is saturated now though and until it dries up a bit, the rain just runs off.  The ground is not drinking up the rainfall.
We are all busy planting our seedlings and flowers into our gardens now that the danger of frost is gone.  As I dug in my garden I noticed a few weeds already taking root.  They are much easier to pull when they are small, if I neglect them now they will take deep roots and be troublesome in weeks to come.  If I were to ignore them completely, they might choke out my strawberries and tomato plants along with every other good thing I am growing.  My garden would be a waste.
As I weed and seed, I pray this passage will linger in my heart and in my mind, as well as yours.  I pray we will be ground that received the rain of God, producing good crops useful in his kingdom.


Weeds seem to grow so much more easily than the good crops do.  Search us for weeds and pull them while they are still small.  Till us to make us soft and ready to receive the rain you provide so lovingly and help us produce useful crops that we willingly share with a needy world.  I pray this in Jesus’ holy name.  Amen.