Monday, May 19, 2014

Today we finally get to plant our garden.  The snow from last week has melted and the true warmth of spring is upon us.
My daughter has planted seeds in cups and has been watering them and my son has a little plant from preschool, these seedlings sprouted weeks ago and we have been nursing them until it was safe to put them outside for the rest of the season.  We will plant many seeds and tend the plants that have already sprung forth.
As we spend time outside today playing and planting, watering and weeding, we will take time to see the spiritual side of this as well.  Just as the verse above reminds us “God will cause righteousness and praise to spring up...”
Look for the signs of spring in your heart.  Are there seedlings growing where someone planted seeds a while back?  Is there growth in the garden of your soul?  Ask God to nurture your soul’s garden and praise him for all he has done so far!

Thank you for the righteousness and the praise you give us.  Open our eyes to see the growth you have caused in us.  Help us see your righteousness and lift our voices in praise.  We join the trees in clapping our hands and the birds in singing; all nations will hear of your glorious deeds!  Amen.