Monday, May 12, 2014

One of my favorite things about mornings is hearing the songs of birds as the sun rises.
There are so many things that weigh on my heart; it seems that I have and endless list of things I pray for.  I think of homeless people who struggle to find shelter and food.  I pray for the people who work in service to others.  I pray for the churches who struggle to keep the lights on.  I pray for war torn places and the people who live there.
I could list so many more prayers...
God knows our hearts; God knows our every need.  Just as the water from snow nourishes the plants that shiver underneath the flakes, his Spirit nourishes our souls.  Just as seeds from growing plants and bugs that hatch feed the birds of the air, so God nourishes our very being whenever we need it.
No matter what else happens in my days, each morning begins with bird’s joyous songs fill the air.  Their songs are a lesson to my soul.

Let the bird songs remind us of your care for them and your care for us.  Your word promises that you give us whatever we need.  Open our hearts and hands to receive what you give.  Help us recognize our needs clearly and use what you give as you intend it.  I ask this through Jesus, our Lord.  Amen.