Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is my heart upright or does it have a slight bend in it?
As I read this scripture I picture my heart. It looks tired and a little droopy, it might even need a cane to help it along. Why is this so? Have I kept my eyes fixed on God's commandments? Have my ways been steadfast in his statutes? Ah, my humanness... what to do with it?
We all are human and we all fall short, I am constantly reminded of this when I see that I have stumbled again. As I sit in the beautiful mountains of Colorado I know there is no escape that can cleanse me and renew me unless I seek the Lord in that time as well.
I come to his throne this morning seeking cleansing. I come seeking renewed spirit and strength to serve him.
As I prepare to lead people in his word, I pray this scripture over my soul. He is faithful; he cleanses and strengthens us. Step into this beautiful day and praise him. Allow him to lift the burdens that weigh down your heart; praise him with an upright heart. See him in all his glory and splendor as we keep our eyes fixed on his commandments.
If your heart is upright, rejoice in him. If you heart is burdened, seek his statutes, his commands and his steadfast love; rejoice and praise him today!


O that I may be steadfast to you in all my ways! You know my heart. Thank you for allowing us to come to you whenever we want to and cleansing us, renewing us, healing us. Help us feel your statutes, your commands and your Spirit guiding us. We lift our hearts and voices in praise to you this day. Amen.