Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Have you ever used a compass?
I guess people don’t really need compasses, as such, anymore now that there are GPS tools at our fingertips.  My grandpa used to have a compass on his windshield.  The direction “ball” floated in water and when he would turn the car the ball would spin to match the direction the car was headed. The compass does not tell you which way to go, it tells you which way you are going.  From that you might be able to alter your path or remain knowing your way.
The Lord is the best compass.
He searches our path and our resting places; he knows all our ways, inside and out.  Before we take one step, before we even begin our journey, he is pointing us in the right direction.  If we are paying attention, we will stay true to the path and not get lost but if we do not heed the Compass, we end up wandering in the wilderness.
Pause for a moment.  Do you sense the compass of the Lord?  Check in with him, listen to him and follow him.  He knows us to the depths and is faithful to us.

If true north points to you, let us never waiver from that direction.  Forgive us for losing sight of your direction and guidance, then getting lost.  Teach us to check in and follow the way you lead us so that we are faithful to you always.  I pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.