Saturday, May 31, 2014

I need to exercise more.  Where do I begin?  How do I fit one more thing into my already busy day?  This has been my problem over the last few years but I cannot continue to do nothing, I just can’t.  Why haven’t I asked God for help with this too?
I have pushed this need along with a few others aside simply because I cannot figure out how to accomplish them.  I put those needs and desires on the back burner and ignore them but they really do not go away.  They just simmer for a while and then they require my attention again.  Of course all things seem to come due at once and I rise becoming overwhelmed.
Today I turn this need over to the Lord.  I called a friend that will help me with exercise and encouragement.  I asked my spouse to help me as well.  I trust that the Lord knows what I need and he will help me with those as I seek his kingdom and his righteousness.  His word is true, thanks be to God!

Lord God,

Thank you for your promise to care for our every need.  Thank you for the birds that we see every day as a reminder that you care for us even more.  Help us seek you first knowing in our hearts that as we do you give us what we need in our lives.  Please help me take care of my body, mind and spirit through you for you.  Amen.