Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The retreat I attended gave me new insight about myself and my spiritual journey.  The danger for me is this:  when I begin looking at myself too much I begin to lose focus on the one I need to be looking at.
There are so many tools and journey guides available today.  They all claim to bring us to a truer self and assist us on your spiritual journey.  Do they also draw us away from truth?  I am learning that when I study disciplines designed to enhance my journey I need to see God in the process.  I need to pray to the Spirit for protection against deceit and for clarity and discernment in my search.
Search for tools to enhance your spiritual journey but remember to seek through the heart and mind of Christ.  If we allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide he will protect us from captivity to deceitful practices and keep our focus on the one true God.

My heart longs to be closer to you each day.  Please keep all of us close to you and focused on you, and your truth.  Protect us from deceit so that we do not fall prey to the enemy, but we stay strong in your love.  I pray this through Jesus, our Lord.  Amen.