Monday, May 26, 2014

Today our country celebrates Memorial Day.  It is a day set aside to remember the soldiers that have died in service to this country.
When our country was founded, it was built on biblical principles.  People came here to worship God in the way they felt it should be done.  The writing of the Constitution includes the freedom of religion as one of our inalienable rights.  With freedom comes much responsibility.
Since that time our country has gone through many growing pains.  The struggles to maintain freedom and maintain order are ongoing.  The religion of the founding fathers is not likely to be the religion any of us truly follow today.  Things have changed in the life of this country.
I look at this country and see so much that is wrong.  I look around the world from my small view and I see nowhere else that I would live.  This is my home and so I pray for the military people that serve to keep our freedom.  I pray for the leadership, that they would be open to God’s leading.  I pray this verse of Hezekiah’s prayer.


As a person I stumble and fall, I fail and cry for mercy.  As a nation, we are no different.  Thank you for protecting us and keeping us safe.  Open our eyes to see the true enemies and open our mouths to call on you during battles.  I give you all the glory and honor for the freedom I have today.  Amen.