Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I do not have a pedigree like Paul.  He had his Jewish heritage and working well in it until that day Christ came into his life.  I am not a “blue-blood” and I will likely never be in a position to even mingle with such people.
I do not have my family line to cling to but I have plenty that of things that could keep me from following Christ with all that I am.  I make music, I school at home with my two young children.  I am close to my family and friends.
What are these things?
They are all nothing compared to Christ.  Without Christ nothing else matters.  If I cling to anything but Christ, I have lost all.  Paul is right when he says everything is loss when I consider the surpassing value of knowing Christ.
Don’t throw out your things and don’t leave your family.  Just put Christ before all things and watch what happens.

You know my plans, but do I know yours?  Forgive me for stepping forward without looking for you first.  Help us keep clear perspective in our priorities, you are first and foremost.  All other things fall in line behind you.  Help us know you and your love more and more each day, I pray.  Amen.