Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do we seek the Lord; do we search for him with all our hearts?
I thought of all the people we seek out for wellness in our lives.  We call doctors and seek their medical knowledge and treatments to keep our bodies healthy.  I visit my chiropractor regularly as a part of my health regimen.
I call my family and friends on the phone or seek them out on social networks as well as visit them in person to keep in touch with them; I seek them for relationship and love.
As I ponder how I seek the Lord I know already there are blessings because I seek him.  The struggle comes in seeking with all my heart.  I am often distracted and unfocused in my time with God.  My mind wanders off on tangents so easily.  I am learning to bring myself back into the moment but it is an ongoing process to be sure.
There are times, when I am centered well, that I find God in profound ways.  There are moments I am seeking him with all my heart and he is there.  These are treasured times and I continue my journey, learning to seek with my whole heart.

Help me shut out the busy schedules, the noise and distractions in the world around me and in my own mind.  You know my limitations better than I do and I ask you to teach me, grow me and stretch me to new levels of intimacy with you.  You are always there, help me find you.  Amen.