Thursday, April 4, 2013

Psalm 34:22 “The Lord redeems the life of his servants; none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned.”

Yesterday morning the sky was gray and a fog was looming in the air.  I was looking forward to sunshine and warmth but trying to find the joy in the moisture that the fog and coolness was bringing our grass.  Fog envelopes the trees and the houses around.  It closes around us like a blanket.  I resigned to the fact that we would have another gray and cold day.  I don’t know when it happened because I was busy and not paying attention but the clouds lifted and the sun came out.  The kids were playing outside with water and sand by the end of the day.  Spring arrived!  This is how I feel when I revel in the refuge and redemption of the Lord.  I take refuge in Him and I am enveloped in his arms of love, grace and forgiveness.  When I have been restored I go out into the world fill with light and life through Him.  As spring comes out in all of its glory, let us each take hold of the newness of life that is granted to us.  Let spring flowers like crocus and tulips be reminders to us.  Let the singing birds and the budding trees call to our hearts... Life is new again! 


Thank you for your sacrifice and your grace.  I praise you today for all the blessings you give us.  Through your death and resurrection we have all been given new life.  Guide me today as I seek to honor the life you have given me in everything I do.  Amen.