Saturday, April 6, 2013

John 14:5 “Thomas said to him, ‘Lord, we do not know where you are going.  How can we know the way?’”

This morning I have been thinking about all the different paths that I see people on.  There are so many different religious practices out there, even more than I can imagine.  In the bible Jesus is referred to in many ways.  He is called Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Light of the World, King of Kings, Lamb of God and the list goes on.  As I lift people I know and love in prayer to God because I do not know that they see Him in truth, I realize I do not know their heart or their path.  Only God can know who they are, who they will become and what their path is.  I do not know the heart of God or the hearts of others, I only know the desire that all would be with Him in the end.  I trust His word when he says He will seek out even one lost sheep, his desire is that none would be lost.  I trust His power that he reigns over all this and is omnipotent.  I believe that He is so much bigger than I can fathom that I will turn my prayers over to Him, and allow Him to do the work He knows needs to be done.  He is the way, I choose to follow and trust Him to lead.

So often I feel blind to your ways.  I know you are at work in the world I have seen evidence of it and yet I struggle.  Help me let go, placing my prayers for my friends and this world in your mighty hands knowing that you will prevail.  Show me the way and I will follow you for you are Light, Love and Life.  Amen.