Thursday, June 19, 2014

What is time anyway?
I have thought about time and our measurement of it off and on for quite some time now and when I came to this passage in 2 Peter, I paused.  One of the commentator writings in my Bible states that we, in the western civilizations, struggle with the concept of time not always marching forward like the ticking of our clocks.  How true is that?!?  I love my calendar and my watch and my clocks, I practically live by them.  I have mentioned in past writings how they threaten to take over my life sometimes.
The Lord our God did not create time as we see it, I really believe this.  So when I read these words of Peter, they make sense to me.  There is ebb and flow in nature and I suspect there is ebb and flow in the passage of eternity.
I do not know how this works but I do know this.  Love transcends time and God is Love.  We have an unknown window of time to share this love with everyone we can until that moment when he comes again.


We get so locked into time as we know it that we struggle to understand what is taking so long.  We thought you would be here again by now.  Help us hear the words of Peter as you would speak them to us.  You are bigger than our concept of time, you will come.  Until then, let us love as we are loved by you.  Amen.