Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For the time is near...
I know we, as people, have been hearing that for a very long time.  We read it in a book that was written thousands of years ago and yet, we wait.
The masses seem complacent in our time.  Most are happy to do whatever they want, seek self-promotion and climb the ladder of ambition to glorify their own work.  This is definitely something easy to see.
There are many who strive to seek God in our time as well.  Scriptures tell us many will be deceived and led astray in the last days.  They will believe they follow the truth but they are deceived.  How can we be sure we are not deceived and led in denial as well?
John tell us we are blessed if we are ones who read the words of the prophecy aloud, and we are blessed if we hear and keep what is written in it.  The word of God is given to us as a guidebook to Truth.  The Holy Spirit is given to us as a moment by moment guide and protector from deceit.  Let us all be blessed to hear and keep what is written, for the time is near.


There is an underlying sense of urgency in my soul and I know you put it there.  I pray for those of us who seek and hear Truth to stay the course.  I pray for those who are lost and deceived to find Truth and embrace it soon!  Amen.