Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It has been a crazy spring for weather in Colorado.  I live east of Denver and we have had torrential rains, numerous hail storms and a few tornadoes.
It has been a daily task to pick up the leaves that have been knocked off of the trees, check the garden for damaged plants and, for some people, pick up severed tree limbs and branches.
These branches were healthy and flourishing in the springtime until some powerful wind swept through and tore them from the tree trunk.  There is nothing that can be done with them once that happens.  Now they are chopped up into little pieces and discarded.
This is what Jesus says happens if we are not abiding in him.  We flourish and grow well when we abide in him but if we let go or are pulled away, we are no longer fruitful.
I do not want to be like a broken tree branch lying on the ground, useless and dying.  I choose to abide in Christ so I can bear much fruit in his kingdom, as he calls us to.  Ingrain yourself with him, we will grow together!


What a beautiful vision it is to see us as an extension of you.  Help us grow ever more in you so that we never become severed for any reason.  Help us be fruitful branches of you spreading Love, peace, joy and more to a world of storm damaged branches.  I praise your holy name.  Amen.