Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some people are easy to love and some, not so much.
The Lord does not call us to love only those who are easy to love but to love all as he loves us.  Ah, this can be hard.
I give my petty cans of food to the homeless, I donate to the church food bank and I donate clothes and toys to be sold at thrift stores.  How tidy and clean for me.
Even closer to home, I let my hurt feelings drive a wedge between my kids and myself or my spouse and me.  I put my needs before theirs and yet I claim to be a disciple of Christ?  I need a do-over.
I sit and remember the love of Christ.  I think of how he lived and died in love.  I will strive to live like this a little more each day and in doing that I will be strengthened by him.  He will grow my heart and soul in holiness so that by the time I come to him or he comes to us, I will be blameless in the love of Christ.  I hope fast to this promise in Christ today.


Please forgive my selfish ways.  Heal the wounds that keep me down so that I can move freely in your holy love.  Give me strength to move into the world with your love flowing through me.  I ask this in your name, for your glory.  Amen.