Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Noise gets on my nerves.
The kids have toys that make noise and depending on my frame of mind I might be able to tolerant the noise for a little while but, usually, it is not long.  Sometimes they barely begin to play and I tell them to take it somewhere else or put it away.
What noise do I make?  I rise each morning and spend time with the Lord.  I write my little devotion and send it out.   Where do I go from there?  When I am teaching with a voice of frustration, when I am nagging my kids to get their chores done, when I am lamenting to friends about some random bother, do I have a voice of love or am I am noisy clanging gong?
I need to take a breath or two.  I need to allow the love of God to well up in me.  Only then am I able to teach in love, discipline in love, and fellowship in love.
When I allow the love of God to fill me am I a vessel of his love and only then can I send sounds of love to the world around me.


Soften my heart to be more like you.  I receive your love and I pray for many in love but when I get to the mundane things of everyday life, I become a noisy gong.  Help me see and do with eyes and hands like yours.  Keep love flowing in me like an ocean so that it never stops, ever.  Amen.