Saturday, June 7, 2014

Are you a singer or a dancer?
I can tell you I am a singer and not so much a dancer.  There have only been a few times where I felt the urge to really let go and move with abandon to music of any kind and when that urge came, I quickly pushed it aside – a dancer, I am not.
I love to sing.  I sing to the radio, I sing to a CD in the car and sometimes at home.  When I ring bells, I sing the songs internally most of the time.  Often, when I wake in the morning there is a song in my heart and I sing it all day.  Songs, words put to music, are beautiful to me.
Whether we sing or dance there is only one thing that gives us the desire to do it.  The well within our souls is what moves us and that is the living water of our creator, God.  He is the headwaters and he never dries up, his living waters flow forever.
We may need him to clear away some debris in the riverbed but once he does, all flows freely and we cannot help but sing and dance to the music of the soul.  Feel the spring of the Lord flowing in you and rejoice in his living waters.  Sing and dance in the Lord today!

Thank you for the unending nourishment you give our souls.  Refresh us, clear away the debris and let our love in you flow free and clear.  I lift my voice and my heart in praise to you, my holy God, my Redeemer, and my Life.  Amen.