Sunday, June 15, 2014

I rejoice in the Word of the Lord.
As I read 1st John this morning I was so thankful for the words written so long ago that still speak to us today.  Throughout history people have been inspired to write about their experiences, their visions, their insights so that others could benefit and gain spiritual wealth as well.
The Bible has many writings from many different writers contained in it, but the writings are all from one Source.  Everything in the Bible is written because of and in the Spirit of God.  What a gift to pour over the writings of thousands of years ago and still be touched, challenged and inspired by them!
I rejoice in the people who still write and I am blessed to be one who is inspired to write.  I know from what I feel compelled to write that I join the voices in this passage.  I write these things so that our joy may be complete, that one day we will all be in fellowship with our Lord together.


Let the words of scripture draw us nearer to you.  I pray that your light and love will fill us to overflowing.  Inspire us to work and play and worship in your holy name.  Guide our fellowship to be inclusive so all may join together celebrating your love and grace today.  Amen.