Monday, June 23, 2014

Mark 8:18 “Do you have eyes, and fail to see?  Do you have ears, and fail to hear?  And do you not remember?”

Do you pay attention?  I am sad to say I think I do not, at least most of the time.
I think of countless times my kids have asked me if I saw or  heard something and I am often humbled when people say do you remember when... The truth is, I did not see, hear or remember what they are asking about.
If I am going through my days on “auto-pilot”, not seeing, hearing, or remembering, it makes me wonder how often I do this spiritually as well.
When I really open my eyes I see God all around.  When I listen with intent I know I hear him clearly.  I need to pay more attention; turn off the auto-pilot and be in the moment.  Just as I need to see, hear and remember in my daily life, I also must strive to do this spiritually.
More important than what I see and hear with my body is what I see and hear with my soul.  These are the things I need to remember.  When I do, I am able to serve and glorify God as he intended, in body, mind and spirit.


Forgive my self-inflicted blindness and deafness.  Remove the fog of forgetfulness from my mind. Remove my blinders and earplugs so I am no longer able to ignore what you want to show me and what you want to tell me.  There is much to see and hear.  There is much you want me to remember, I ask for your help in this so that I am able to be the servant you intended me to be.  Amen.