Monday, June 16, 2014

My son has a song stuck in his head.  He learned it in preschool and sings about being in the Lord’s Army almost daily.
Whether we like it or not we are in battle.  We are deep in the trenches of war and the enemy is wily.  He comes in like a double agent, befriending us and drawing us in only to destroy us.  How can we fight this foe?
Nowhere in the Bible does is say we fight with our own strength.  It does not tell us to use our best tactics and trust in our own ways.  We are soldiers in the army, not the General in charge.
I am not well versed in battle, I have only played a few board games to win battles; I have never even seen war with my own eyes.  I cannot trust in my own understanding, I have none.
I read these words of Paul’s and visualize putting on the spiritual armor he writes about.  We have the armor – truth, peace, salvation, faith, the Word.  It is with this armor, given by God, that we can battle through him and for him.


Help us see the enemy clearly so we know where we stand.  Remind us that you are there with us, we do not battle alone.  Help us put on the armor you have given us and eradicate any enemy infiltration so we may stand firm in you and celebrate in victory with you today and forever.  Amen.