Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Psalm 51:15 “O lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.”

Music lives in my soul.  I would say there is almost always an undercurrent of song running in my heart.  Most mornings I wake up with a familiar song playing in my mind and even through the day, if I take time to notice, there is music in me and surrounding me.  All of nature sings the praises of its Creator.  As I drive down the road I can hear music playing in other cars and trucks, all different kinds of music.  We do not all carry the same song but I believe we all have a song to sing.  Just as God gives us each gifts to glorify his kingdom I believe he gives us a song to sing praises to his name.  Seek a quiet moment today and see if you can find the song in your heart.  What praises do you hold deep in your soul?  How often do we keep those praises locked inside for only God to hear?  This verse calls to us; it encourages us to open our lips and declare God’s praises.  Do not keep them quiet anymore but bless God and others around us by sharing our praises to our King.  The song can be shared in so many ways but any song of praise will be beautiful to the ears of our Creator.  When I consider all he has done and all he continues to do, how can I keep from singing?  Lift your voice with me today in praise to our God and King.

Your love and mercy abound.  Forgive my silence in response to your gifts of grace.  I lift my voice in praise and adoration this morning and ask you to guide my day to be a token of thanksgiving to you.  My hearts sings unending praise to you; open my mouth so I may share those praises and glorify you even more.  Amen.