Thursday, August 23, 2012

Psalm 112:4 “They rise in the darkness as a light for the upright; they are gracious, merciful, and righteous.”

There are two planets in the eastern sky right now and they light up so bright before the sun rises.  One of my favorite activities is star gazing.  On a clear night with a dark sky the stars are innumerable and bright.  The planets Saturn and Venus are even brighter in the night sky because they are so much closer.  The planets do not have their own light; they reflect the light of the sun.  Each morning the sun rises and dispels all darkness bringing warmth and a new day.  Before we see the brightness of day, though; we sit in darkness.  This verse calls us to be the light in the midst of darkness, rising like the planets in the night sky.  As we walk in our journey with the Lord, we are filled with his light and love.  When we go forth we shine his light out to others as we show grace and mercy.  As we go into this day I encourage you to look for reflectors.   There are so many things in our world that reflect light back out to brighten something up more and to get our attention.  If you do not see yourself as a glowing planet in the night sky, maybe you can be a reflector.  Take the light and love of God in and shine it back out to brighten things up a bit more.  However you see it, let us be a light for God, filled with grace and mercy, walking in righteousness.

Let this little light of mine shine.  I know the love and mercy we share comes from you and spreads as light to others.  I give you praise and glory for all we can share.  As we see reflectors today, remind us of this verse and let us shine.  Amen.