Monday, August 27, 2012

John 15:9 “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love.”

There are so many songs and stories about love, it is clear that we are created to seek love and be filled by it.  Our society can easily skew the image of what love is and it is easy to fall into the misguiding of those images.  From the fairy tales of happily ever after to the focus on outward appearances and more, there is no depth in the love society shows us.  When a story arises about true love, sacrificial love; it is news worthy.  If someone sacrifices their life to save another they are called a hero.  Using this definition I ask you this: Is Jesus your hero?  People with a hero tend to know all about them.  They know their story, and they know what their hero stands for.  They try to be like their hero.  There is a phrase that comes to mind here; hero worship.  When I think about Jesus life, I cannot imagine a better hero to worship.   God sent Jesus to teach us, to show us how to live in love and he sacrificed his life for each of us because of love.  The difference in these heroes is that Jesus loves us.  He is not some person on the news or an athlete to look up to that does not know us. He wants to live with us.  He calls us to abide in his love.  Abide means to dwell, remain or stay.  We can love him because he loves us.  He paved the way for us to be in deep relationship with the Divine through his sacrificial love.  Open up to his love today; allow it to bless you and all those around you.  Spread the love!

You are my hero.  Thank you for your unending love.  Help me sense it each moment of the day, guide my steps so that I remain in your love.  As I live and breathe, let it be in your love.  Amen.