Friday, May 10, 2013

1 Timothy 2:8 “I desire, then, that in every place the men should pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or argument”

Without prayer, I am nothing.  Without prayer I am easily distracted, frustrated and argumentative.  We, as humans, are a selfish bunch.  It is in prayer that I find compassion and forgiveness for myself and for others.  It is in the prayers for others that I am brought to a place of peace and love for my neighbor.  There is much in the world that we can justifiably be angry about.  There are injustices and atrocities in the news every day.  We can choose to dwell on those and let the poison of their darkness seep into our souls bringing us back to angry and argumentative places, or we can seek the Lord.  We can lift up our hands, calling on the Lord to make us holy.  We can bring those things that break our hearts to the Lord knowing that He is all mighty and all knowing.  Just as children cannot always see the plan a parent has and they think life is unfair, we cannot know the heart and mind of God.  We can pray and trust.

Thank you for Paul’s words to remind us to come to you in prayer.  Through our salvation in Christ, we are made holy and so we can come in prayer, lifting our holy hands to you.  Help us release anger, frustration and bitterness and receive grace, mercy and compassion in place of those.  I ask these things in Jesus name and for your glory.  Amen.