Sunday, December 2, 2012

Psalm 138:3 “On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.” 

In case you were ever in doubt, God is good.  I am currently participating in a bible study working through the book of James.  Part of today’s lesson was talking about receiving what we ask for.  After I closed my study and started my mediation time, this is the verse I was led to.  I have come to realize that the things I wish for most of all, deep peace and contentment, are not to be given in lifetime chunks.  Growth and change occur more in the battle grounds and struggles.  As I look back on the petitions I have brought to the Lord I can see that He has answered me.  I have come asking for the spiritual equivalent of sweets or dessert without eating my vegetables first.  I have asked to be a full grown flower blossoming in beauty without planting my roots deeply in the ground.  In His infinite grace, God hears my requests and grants them in His divine knowledge, giving me what I need to move one step closer to my hearts deepest desire.  Each gift He has given has, in fact, strengthened my soul.  Today, with this truth, my soul sings songs of thanksgiving and praise. 


You tell us to ask and we shall receive.  So often we feel ignored by you only to later realize you are right there all the time, answering and giving us what we truly need.  We are short sighted; thank you for seeing through what we think we need and giving us what you know we need.  Prepare our hearts as we prepare once again to celebrate your greatest gift of all.  Amen.