Tuesday, December 4, 2012

John 1:9 “The true light, which enlightened everyone, was coming into the world.”

I have a story to share about light.  I recently bought several really cheap book lights for a music gig I had with one of the handbell groups I ring in.  We were ringing outside at night so I knew we would need more lighting and we just didn't have it.  The lights worked; sort of.  Some of them flickered on and off the whole time, others didn't work at all. A few worked well and others died shortly after the 2 hours of use.  I did say they were cheap, right?  The cost of the batteries for these lights is at least 4 times as much as it is to buy new lights!  Since then, we have purchased much better and more expensive lights to help us read music in the future.  As I read this passage and this verse, the book lights came to mind.  Every light we have at our disposal is needed to help us see, but they will all fade away eventually.  We replace bulbs and lights occasionally because the old ones no longer serve our needs.  Even the sun, the moon and the stars are not eternal.  All sources of light will eventually die but one.  The true light, which will enlighten everyone has come, is coming and will come again.  He is eternal and His light will never fade.  Come and seek the one true light with me.

We live in darkness or dim light most of the time and we just squint to make do with what we have.  As we move into a time of preparation and celebration, prepare our hearts to receive all the light of your glory.  My heart leaps at the vision of the skies filled with angels, shining in the eternal light.  Fill us with this light so we may shine for this world, glorifying your holy name.  Amen.