Thursday, December 20, 2012

1 Corinthians 10:3-4 “and all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink...”

I have done a lot of baking in the last few days.  There are all kinds of cookies and sweets just begging to be eaten.  My family, my daughter especially, has a sweet tooth issue.  Not a day goes by without numerous requests for a sweet and now it is even worse.  I do my best to give healthy foods in greater portion and make sweets minimal.  I know I have eaten too many cookies in the last few days and my body makes sure to remind me.  When I eat well, I feel well and when I eat poorly, I feel poorly.  If my physical body is like this how much more is my spirit?  It is easy and yummy to eat only spiritual sweets but those tidbits will not help my spirit grow healthy or strong.  If I try to sustain my spirit on Sunday school and church with no other “meat and vegetables” prayer and study, I will fare poorly.  I need good spiritual food every day at least as much as I need good healthy food for my stomach every day.  What I ingest; what I take in and believe does change me.  It is those things I believe and “eat” that cause me to think and say certain things.  It is those things that cause me to act and do as I do.  Join me in the search for a little more protein and roughage to offset all the sweets.  The Lord will feed us; He will feed us well.

Help me remember my body is a temple unto you.  Let me live as an example in savoring the sweets as well as the healthy sustenance you provide.  Guide my heart and my mind in healthy eating habits so that I treat my body and my soul as they deserve to be treated.  Guide me into health and growth and let it be for your glory always.  Amen.