Friday, December 14, 2012

Hebrews 4:1 “Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest is still open, let us take care that none of you should seem to have failed to reach it.”

Oh, how I wanted to stay in bed this morning.  I was trying to compromise with God as I lay there telling him all the things I had to do today and asking why I couldn't just have my meditation right there.  I saw a picture in my mind then: a lady weighed down with gifts, her hands were full with no room for anything else.  The Lord offered a morsel of food to her but she couldn't figure out how to take it with all those bags.  Then she realized she needed to set down all those things and accept the free gift given to her by the Lord.  You better believe that got my fanny out of bed in a hurry.  How much more indignant can I be?  Each day I come before the Lord and He is faithful in meeting me where I am.  He gives me food from the His word.  Of course He does not stop there.  If we are willing to set aside our burdens, our distractions and our selfish pride, He will fill us with His love, peace, rest... He will fill us with what we truly need.  Take a few minutes this morning and join me in setting down all those things we carry that weigh us down.  Release those things and open your hands as I open mine so we can receive life and love, grace and mercy, wonder and awe.

Thank you for your faithfulness.  I am so ashamed that I put all those things at a higher priority than you and I am so grateful for the nudge to remind me of what is truly important.  Help us all feel and see those nudges that keep us on the path to entering in your rest.  Amen.