Saturday, September 15, 2012

Matthew 24:44 “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.”

I have a dear friend who knows what this feel like to a certain degree.  Her family has a habit of showing up unexpectedly.  One story she tells goes like this.  On a snowy night, just before dinner the doorbell rings.  The kids run to answer and then just turn around and run back.  As Michelle gets to the door and sees her parents, she can hardly believe her eyes.   She wonders if she forgot to write the visit on the calendar and forgot to mention the visit to her spouse.  The surprise turns out to be wonderful but totally unexpected.  My husband and I orchestrated a similar visit at Christmas time a couple of years ago.  We plotted with his sister in Atlanta to have them come and surprise the kids.  The adults all knew about the visit but all of the Colorado kids were very surprised and so excited to see each other again.  Boy I sure would hate to be in the shower or still sleeping in my bed when an unexpected visitor came knocking at my door.  I try to keep my house somewhat clean and picked up just in case someone stops by unannounced.  This verse encourages us to make sure our hearts and souls are clean and ready.  We will not be receiving an invitation or announcement in the mail with an RSVP card attached.  Listen for the trumpet call as you go through each day, you never know when you might hear it!

Your visit will be like the surprise Christmas visit 10,000 times over.  Help us be diligent in our tasks until you come.  Encourage us to work as we wait and when we hear your trumpet call, I pray we are all ready.  Cleanse our hearts this day, just in case.  Amen.