Sunday, September 9, 2012

Job 37:15-16 “Do you know how God lays his command upon them, and causes the lightning of his cloud to shine?  Do you know the balancings of the clouds, the wondrous works of the one whose knowledge is perfect”

This morning I ponder” the wondrous works of the one whose knowledge is perfect”.  When I look at my life, my family and to the world around me, it is beyond my understanding; how is this all part of a grand plan?  The story of Job is incredible to me.  It speaks of spiritual battle that our eyes cannot see and affirms that God is intricately involved in each life that He created.  God is all knowing, He created everything seen and unseen.  I have read the book of Job in the past and it has brought many questions to my mind but today the question is this:  Who am I to question the doings of the Creator of all?  I do not and cannot understand His grand plan and I have no way to fathom the vast knowledge He holds.  I am at peace with this small bit of knowledge for today; my Creator knows me, my family and the world around me and it is very much within His understanding.  He knows His plan and it will be revealed in His time.  I trust in Him and lean not on my own understanding.  I watch and learn and strive to show the love He gives me to others.

You create new life with a word from your mouth.   You bring judgment and justice when there is no other way.  You refine and rebuild us to be the people you created us to be.  Help me release my questions to you and then simply trust in you, the Divine Creator, to run the show.  Use me as you will, for I am your creation.  Amen.