Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

Last night I dreamt about being in a group of my friends.  We were gathered to enjoy each other’s company and share in each other’s lives.  The blessings that I receive from these times are abundant.  This morning I am taking my kids to a home-schooling group.  We will teach all kinds of classes from preschool on up and the kids get to learn in a group setting.  I am very excited because I know that the Lord will be invited to this gathering too.  Since this is a Christian group, we will pray.  God will be talked about in every aspect of teaching.  My daughter and some others are studying astronomy for one of their classes.  What a gift that God, the creator, will be a part of those teachings too!  Koinonia is a Greek word that means Christian fellowship, according to my dictionary.  It is a gathering, a fellowship of people that share a deep common bond of faith.  This verse in Matthew tells us that when we gather in His name, he will be there.  We know from scripture that the Spirit is always here, but when two or more are gathered together, I sense the Spirit so much more.  Next time you gather in a group invite Jesus, and then take a moment to sense the presence of the Lord.  The experience of His presence in a gathering of believers is so powerful and uplifting.  Blessings abound!

We often gather, sometimes we forget to invite you.  Wherever we go, whatever we do, you are there.  Tap our shoulders; remind us to invite you into the party so that your presence can transform us all.  Fill us with your love and presence today.  Thank you for being here among us.  Amen.