Monday, September 30, 2013

Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and will be repaid in full.”

This verse seems to be a continuation from the scripture that was read in church yesterday.  There are numerous passages in the bible that talk about caring for the poor.  We know nothing of poverty; most of us cannot even begin to fathom it.  We live in abundance and even those who beg on the street are not as poor as some in other places in this world.  I was called out yesterday.  I have a can or two of food in my car to pass out on the street corner and I donate money to the church to help the needy, but then I turn right around and come back to my cozy warm house and my refrigerator full of food.  I have never even gone to a homeless shelter or to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day.  I live with blinders on most of the time.  I cannot take my children and go crawl under the viaducts in Denver searching out the poor and needy because I am called to keep them safe and out of harm’s way as much as I can but I have been called out to do more.  I need to bridge the gap as the pastor so aptly put it.  Will you join me?

Only you know how I can serve, please guide me toward your purpose.  I long to be a better disciple every day and with you as my guide, it will happen.  I lift the poor, homeless and down trodden in prayer this morning.  Help me lift them with my hand as well.  Amen.