Sunday, September 15, 2013

James 2:18 “But someone will say, ‘You have faith, and I have works.’  Show me your faith apart from your works, and I by my works will show you my faith.”

Actions speak louder than words.  On the surface it could be read that James says we are justified by works and not by faith but if we read more deeply he says our works speak to our faith.  He is saying actions speak louder than words.  I can proclaim my love of the Lord to all I see and know but if I do not follow my words with acts of love I preach a false message.  When we are filled with the love of God, how can we not act in love?  The question I ask myself this morning is how do I show my faith?    James says the royal law is to love our neighbors as ourselves.  If we show love to our neighbors this would speak to our faith, would it not?  I can sit in my house and pray for my neighbor which is good but I can also go to my neighbor bringing love to them in action.  Feeding the homeless, donating and provided food and shelter for those who have none, donating time and energy to assist those in need; these are works that show faith, these are ways to love our neighbor.  As our faith grows so should our works.  This is not because works justify us but works show our faith and spread the word of Love.  We can show we are Christians by our love...

I come to you again this morning asking forgiveness for my idleness and inaction.  Please guide my mind, heart and hands in your Divine Love.  Help me be an agent of Love to others so they too come to have faith.  Amen.