Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daniel 9:3 “Then I turned to the Lord God, to seek an answer by prayer and supplications with fasting and sackcloth and ashes.”

I am not Catholic but I became aware of a call from the Pope to spend a day of prayer and fasting today regarding the state of affairs around Syria.  As I sat in my quiet time and sipped my coffee I suddenly remembered my plan to fast.  The realization slowly came to me that this would not be easy to accomplish.  I had already blown the beginning of the day but that doesn't mean I should give up.  I thought maybe I could go for a walk or sit in my church and pray during lunch and then I remembered my husband needs to work today so I have the kids; sigh.  I will fast and pray but it will not look or feel like one of depth.  I take heart in knowing there are many praying over this troubled situation and not just today.  When we turn to the Lord our God in prayer, He longs to hear our deepest hearts desires.  He longs to commune with us and speak to us about his desires as well.  When we step away from our normal routine I think it helps us get in touch with the Divine.  When we cleanse our bodies and spirits of daily toxins, we are better able to function.  Let us pray...

You know our hearts and our worries; you know our words before we even speak them.  Guide our prayers and words as we lift them to you this day.  Hear the prayers of many and shower your mercy on us.  May your kingdom and purpose be fulfilled.  Amen.