Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ruth 3:5 “She said to her, ‘All that you tell me I will do.’”

I confess when I read this section of the story the instructions that Naomi gives to Ruth make no sense to me at all.  I wonder if they made more sense to Ruth or if she was as confused as I am.  The thing is she didn't think about it for a second.  Naomi gave her instructions and this was her response.  How often do I receive instructions from God and my response is more along the lines of “Are you sure?  I don’t think I can do that...”  The immediate agreement to follow directions regardless of understanding is a sign of trust.  Ruth trusted Naomi with her life.  Do I trust the Lord with mine?  I say I do and I know I want to but there is still a part of me that holds back from giving him carte blanche with my life.  Why?  He created me; He loves me faithfully and abundantly.  He wants only what is best for me and because He is all knowing and all powerful He knows much better than I do what is best.  It is time to lay down my pride and self-desires again and lean fully on the desires of the Lord.  He speaks and I will strive to listen and obey remembering this story in Ruth.

Forgive me for questioning, hesitating and not truly trusting in you.  Please write this verse on my heart so when I begin to wane in trust and obedience again this will pull me back into your loving arms quickly.  Help me set aside my worries and concerns and lay my heart and life fully in your hands.  I ask this all through Jesus, Lord of all.  Amen.