Friday, November 22, 2013

Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;”

My friends and I have had discussions in the past about our lack of knowledge in the Lord.  I have gone to church since I was a baby and yet, I did not have knowledge.  How is that we go to worship and the hear scripture regularly but we do not seem to gain knowledge?  Somehow I missed the message that studying His word and learning to be in relationship with Him was of utmost importance.  I, like so many, went to church on Sunday and then when I walked out of that building I went back to my regularly scheduled life.  When I look back at that part of my life, there is much destruction for lack of knowledge.  By His grace, somehow I heard his word in the last few years and I am slowly growing in knowledge of Him.  We do not raise our kids and send them out into the world without gaining the skills they need to get a job and thrive in their adulthood.  Do we raise them with knowledge of the Lord?  What is more important than their everlasting souls?  Let us all strive to gain knowledge in the Lord and pray that knowledge will spread like wildfire to our families, our friends and our communities so we might live in His abundance.

It is devastating to watch people we love fall to destruction.  You watch your people fall every day.  I pray for all of humanity that we would open our eyes, ears and hearts to receive the knowledge you freely give.  Speak Lord, and let us hear, guide and let us follow.  Through Christ I pray, Amen.