Saturday, July 20, 2013

Psalm 25:4 “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.”

It is so wonderful to watch a child’s face light up when they learn something new.  Their face first reveals the struggle and concentration while they are learning and then suddenly a glow shines on their face because they understand what they have been studying.  As they learn new things they grow into the person they are designed to be.  I remember learning how to crochet from my Grandma.  She explained it, showed it to me and helped me along the way so I would know her way, how she did it.  To this day, I love to crochet because I know how to do it, I have learned it well.  Learning God’s ways is the same.  He explains it in His word, He shows it in His love and mercy and He helps us along the way so we can learn and know it, we can know His ways.  His Spirit teaches us and as we learn we grow into the disciples He created us to be.  We can rejoice in walking in His ways because we have learned it from Him and even when we stumble, His mercy is unending and He continues to teach us and guide us all the days of our lives.


Thank you for your word and your guidance.  Through your Spirit we are never left to our own devices to figure out your ways.  You have taught me so much and I thank you.  I ask you to open my heart and mind even more so I can continue to learn more of you each day until the day I see your face.  Amen.