Wednesday, July 24, 2013

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.”

I bow before the Lord, kneeling and head down.  This is a small act of humility, only a glimpse of the humility my soul feels in the presence of the Almighty.  When I come to him in this manner, He does not leave me there.  It seems the moment I come in true humility, He is there.  He is standing right beside me; not up on a pedestal or on His throne.  His gentle touch lifts me from my knees to stand in his presence.  His healing love allows me to stand in confidence of his mercy.  As I lift my eyes I am almost blinded by the radiance of his glory and I feel its warmth seeping into my bones.  It is his glory, his love and his mercy that lifts me up.  I exalt the Lord; I praise and honor him.  The Lord exalts me; he raises me up.  In this exchange I am given new life, new energy and a renewed sense of purpose.  As I reluctantly leave this moment of my day, I know He has not left me or sent me out without Him.  His presence is still with me, glowing and warming my soul just as the sun begins to warm the world around me.

I thank you for allowing, no, desiring us to come into your presence in humility.  Thank you for loving us beyond our wildest imagination and in our humble moments for lifting us up in grace.  I praise you this day.  I pray my words, actions and thoughts will honor you and glorify your kingdom.  Amen.