Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 John v.6 “And this is love, that we walk according to his commandments; this is the commandment just as you have heard it from the beginning – you must walk in it.”

Yesterday I did my fair share of walking.  The kids were in the greenbelt near our house and between my neighbor and me we took turns checking on them.  I am happy the kids have friends in the community to play with and yesterday everyone got along – not always the case.  This letter from John is written to a community of faith.  Short and concise, he writes to encourage them in their walk.  He reminds them and as we read it today, He reminds us to walk in the love of the Lord.  We can sit idly to worship and pray and quiet time with the Lord is essential but we also must go out and walk.  We cannot share the love of the Lord if we stay secluded.  We are encouraged to share His love with others.  John’s letter also calls us into community.  Our faith grows when we are in community with other disciples.  God uses my Christian friends to teach me and encourage me.  He uses them to keep my feet on the path and to hold me accountable to His ways.  Our community is also essential to our walk.  When you walk out of your house today, tuck these words into your pocket, purse or heart so they will stay with you and encourage you too.

Thank you for your encouraging words.  Guide my steps as I walk out into community with others.  Keep my words and actions in check, shared only in truth and love.  Amen.