Sunday, July 28, 2013

Psalm 115:18 “But we will bless the Lord from this time on and forevermore.  Praise the Lord!”

Life courses through our veins.  Life flows in the rivers and ponds.  Life bursts out in songs of birds.  All these things are blessings of the Lord.  He gave each of us life and created all life on this small planet.  He is the one true living God and because of him we have life.  When we live for him and praise him we are renewed, we are lifted up with his life giving energy.  When we turn to other gods like money or time, material possessions or human desires we turn away from life.  These gods are not living or life giving.  They draw us away from life causing us to lose focus on the world around us and focus only on us.  We begin to think that god is all that matters and it will bring us happiness and fulfillment.  It can be hard to step away from those gods but if we do, we begin to see how they really cause death.  Release your hold on whatever god is drawing you away from life and join hands with me as we walk back toward the life giving, one true God.  We will bless the Lord for he is steadfast in love and forgiveness.  We will praise his name for the life he creates in us.

Thank you for the cleansing rain last night.  Thank you for washing away the dirt and deception in our souls.  Open our hands and help us release gods of deception and help us grasp on to your love and life.  We live because of you and so we praise you for life, we praise you forever.  Amen.